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I watched that damn DA:I trailer yesterday and I couldn’t sleep at night because I was so excited, so today I had a headache….

And now that I know that not everybody’s gonna be bi my head just wants to explode. Goddangit, I want to romance EVERYONE in one playthrough. image

My achievement, nooo…

"Realism" in a world full of dragons and demons… ye.

Welp, I reached 100 Followers.

Thank You so much guys!  I really love all of You! Even though, I’m pretty sure half of You don’t even know why You’re following me, and I don’t know either why You do so. But I’m still very grateful and happy! Though I think that I don’t deserve You guys. ;A;

I’m pretty sure though by the time I post this I’ll lose like 10 of You. lol

I should be more productive and post more stuff! .-. Gosh, I’m dying over here. 

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